In today’s fast-paced world, everyone needs a variety of insurance coverage. Whether you need to protect your business, the future of your loved ones or your residence, Amerimex Insurance offers all types of insurance to cover your needs. Most insurance companies will offer you comparable services. What distinguish one insurance company from another is how those services are offered and what value you get as a customer. Amerimex Insurance is dedicated to providing you with world-class service at an affordable price and we do this in a friendly and personal manner.


About Us

At Amerimex Insurance, we believe that a job should be rewarding and work should make you happy. We are looking for talented people to help us meet our vision of providing financial freedom to everyone. If you are ready to enter the exciting world of insurance, we have the right opportunity waiting for you! We have been recognized for our ethics, professionalism and an open culture, and expect that you will add value to our team.

Working with us

Ask our sales team and you will get to know why it’s pure fun to work with us. We are a diversified group of people, past pioneers, and present day visionaries, all moving towards our goal of providing peace of mind through insurance solutions. With a relaxed workplace culture, flexible benefit programs tailored to individual employees, ongoing training and professional development and a keen focus on internal communications, we expect to grow together with our trusted partner - you.